Les marques Ameublement du FCBA



You are manufacturers, do you know responsible purchasing is now a given in the policies of large companies. The nf OEC brand therefore becomes a real asset.


You are a manufacturer and you want to put the odds on your side ... NF Office Excellence Certifié is a winning card. According to the ORSE (Observatory of Corporate Social Responsibility), the first study on responsible purchasing policies for large companies shows that responsible purchasing is now a given: 95% of large companies give place to responsible purchasing in their “Sustainable Development” report or in their CSR. The trend is confirmed within public authorities, since 46% of the communities which responded to a recent survey declare having taken sustainable development into account in their orders.


NF Office Excellence Certified incorporating the quality and performance specifications of the old NF Bureau Confort Confort brand. It also incorporates environmental and societal criteria. It is delivered by FCBA at the end of a process which now includes the verification of the manufacturer's commitments in societal matters according to four main themes: equity and diversity, health and safety, interaction between stakeholders, the least environmental impact.


The NF-OEC brand offers a differentiating and rewarding marketing positioning that meets strong expectations. As soon as a product is certified, the manufacturer can communicate using the logo and the key arguments of the brand to public and private buyers. One of the strengths of NF-Office Excellence Certifié is its responsiveness to market needs. As soon as a significant change is felt, new commitments are defined very quickly and enrich the framework.


Obtaining the NF Office Excellence Certifié mark is the result of a voluntary process. It takes place in several stages with the permanent support of an FCBA auditor:

  • 1. Regulatory compliance - This phase consists of verifying the regulatory compliance of the furniture subject to a right of use request. To do this, we group together all the parts necessary for certification. This is the prerequisite.
  • 2. Performance verification - Once regulatory compliance has been achieved, product performance is tested in the laboratory or checked in the factory to ensure compliance with technical requirements. This is the evidence.
  • 3. Guaranteed consistency of product quality - In order to provide proof of maintaining product conformity at a quality level identical to the products tested, quality audits are carried out in companies.
  • 4. Societal and environmental audit - We check whether the company is meeting its obligations towards the environment and all stakeholders. We assess its real desire to improve corporate governance.
  • 5. Periodic monitoring - Each year, at least one visit makes it possible to verify that the commitments and the processes have not undergone any modification likely to affect the maintenance of certification.

For more details, contact stephane.dolique@fcba.fr